Walk in the Park

It's not often that you find a random stranger making a comment on your clothing style or a shirt you wearing...especially while walking in a busy public area.

While going for a walk this afternoon (wearing our Signature baseball Tee with the John3:16 design), a man walked close to me and looked at me very seriously saying "You know, you are wearing a very bold statement on your shirt?" For a second I thought what? Am I in trouble!?...I said I know its very bold...The man walked a little faster and after passing me, turned around and stopped again to ask me if I knew what it meant...I went onto explain that I started Trulife and that It is in fact a Christian Brand etc.

Point being, it got me thinking that God's slowly but surely doing his thing, even if that means using clothing to Minister to others! He will Make a way! This gets me really excited and just amped to go out there and share God's love with others!

Our aim was and still is to make Jesus Known to everyone...with ZERO COMPROMISE. We are unashamed...we love him...we are willing to go to the ends of the earth for him!

Just thought i'd share...have a great evening!